Dr Vandana Shiva Call to Action for Bijaks!

Dear Bijak wherever you are,

You having been to Navdanya, to Bija Vidyapeeth, has made you a part of our Navdanya family. A family that is devoted to cultivation of the Earth community, along with all her beings, rivers, mountains and butterflies. But now our beloved Earth, our seeds, our food, are under severe threat, much larger than ever before. The need for building an Earth community and all of Earth’s ecosystems and along with her species is the only way we can save our planet and human beings from extinction. As our seeds, foods and freedoms are being destroyed at an accelerated rate, we must stand together to stop this violence. We must unite for not only for ourselves but the lives of our children and grandchildren yet to be born.

Inspite of the failure of GMOs, Monsanto continues with its ecocide and genocide. It continues to violate laws everywhere. In India, like Argentina  patents on plants are not allowed. Monsanto is threatening our countries with the absurd claim that their Bt seed is not a seed and a GMO plant is not a plant. Their hallucination are killing our farmers, poisoning our children and spreading cancer and disease in each house.

To make the poison makers accountable for this century of ecocide, we are organising a Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly, ‘On the future of our Food and future of our Planet’ in the Hague from October 14th to 16th, 2016.

With this letter I warmly and personally invite you to become part of this new planetary freedom movement and continue to seed hope throughout our planet.

I hope some of you will be able to join us in the Hague. For those who can’t do organise a People’s Assembly where you are, during the month of October to take back our seeds, our food and our life on Earth from the poison makers and corporations that are driven by limitless greed.

I will wait for your response to welcome you as part of the new planetary alliance for Earth Democracy.

Dr Vandana Shiva

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