A matter of fraud: hidden poisons in pesticides

Message from prof. Gilles Eric Séralini to the Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly.

Nicolas Defarge, from Dr Séralini’s team, was present at the Monsanto Tribunal. Please find the video of his testimony at the end of Séralini’s transcript: “Studies from Monsanto have not been published in any scientific magazines. In Roundup, for example, glyphosate it is not the only toxic that needs to be addressed, the other additives are more toxic and dangerous because there is a synergistic effect. Where is the truthful science here?”

“I would like to congratulate the People’s Assembly and the Tribunal against Monsanto, because I think that it’s a rise in the human conscience today: to know and to realize that there is not only a crime against the ecosystem but also against Life on Earth as a whole.

Thirty years ago I began my career trying to know what are the pollutants in babies’ genes, and I saw that three of the major pollutants belong to Monsanto. At the time, I had nothing against them. But I saw that the PCBs, which are from the plasticiser family, and derivatives of petroleum residues, dioxins (also derivatives of petroleum), and pesticides (including Agent Orange or RoundUp, which is the world’s main pesticide) were there. And what I did was try to find a mechanism by which they could give chronic diseases, and because in fact every family in the world is ridden by chronic diseases and people are suffering all over the world because of them.

These diseases are not due to bacteria or viruses, and not due to a genetic ‘shift’ in humanity, no. We have more and more pesticides inside ourselves. There is no human organ, no brain, no mammary gland that is devoid of pesticides from these big companies.

So we discovered just major frauds and problems at the scientific level: that the products declared as ‘inert’ were fantastically toxic, in fact. One thousand times more toxic than the supposed active ingredient that Monsanto was putting in the world’s major pesticides, used on 80% of edible agricultural GMOs. So you imagine that the world’s major toxic products in the world are in food and are designed to be even more present in modified food.

So what we did was to treat some human cells with these products and we saw that the hidden poisons were in fact petroleum residues burned probably with animal fat called PoEA (long chains of polycyclic hydrocarbons) one thousand times more toxic, as I said, than glyphosate for instance, which is a major chemical presented as a pesticide by Monsanto; but when we test the glyphosate pesticide alone, it does not have any proper herbicidal activity; when you test these hidden poisons alone, they do have it. So this is a matter of fraud: to declare the wrong activating region and to declare hidden poisons as confidential and harmless.

What we did then was the longest test possible with these products applied to rats. We discovered that they were getting tumours, kidney diseases from which the rats were dying, and also liver diseases. And then, Monsanto and allies, they all came on us and defamed us everywhere in the world, because they have friends in all health agencies throughout the world. And they said very stupid things but we didn’t realize how ridiculous their arguments were at first. They said those were the wrong rats, a species that was naturally prone to tumours… so we took the rats and saw that they were not prone to tumours when you gave them a clean, organic diet. We also saw that the rats they were talking about, used for their own experiments, were highly contaminated by industrial food retaining huge amounts of pesticides – and we published that.

And now all these people – 85 of them in the world – have more money than 3.5 billion people: you could reach up to 3.5 billion people at these Assemblies and still not be as rich as these companies that are making the major poisons in the world. That’s abnormal, it’s against any form of life.

I dedicated my entire life as a researcher to find the way in which these products render our children sick and I would like now a rise of conscience from all of you – and there is a big hope to request transparency. We have also learned how to de-toxify the body from these poisons: this is possible with good aromatic plants. We know today that with a clean diet, obtained with agroecological methods, we can really slow down the number of chronic diseases. So let’s do it, and let’s have, all together, a rise in conscience.


On the first day of the People’s Assembly several presentations and reports were held, from various scientists, activists, and leaders of important organizations, who covered topics of ecocide and genocide, adverse effects of pesticides and herbicides on the environment and health, and attacks by big international corporations on farmers and farming as well as science and scientists.

The Panel “Attacks on Science and Scientists” saw the participation of Claire Robinson, editor GMwatch.org and co-author of the book GMO myths and truths, Dr Shiv Chopra, Scientist and author of the book Corrupted to the core and Nicolas Defarge, on behalf of Prof. Gilles Eric Séralini, founder of CRIIGEN

Claire Robinson explained how a smear campaign was conducted against Séralini study, as an example on how independent scientists all over the world suffer form similar attacks: “What is Monsanto’s role in attacking science and scientists who throw doubt on the safety of Monsanto’s products? The Séralini study was attacked by groups associated with Monsanto; this included a PR firm called V-fluence which is run by Monsanto’s former Chief of Communications, Jay Byrne. This organization, together with another which claims to be based on science and is called AGBioWorld actually conducted a smear campaign against Seralini and his fellow researchers. Some of this smear campaign consisted in having what we call ‘third-party’ academics and third party scientists speaking against the study. This is a known PR technique, and it consists of putting the messages of the corporation into the mouths of supposedly independent scientists and experts because the public trusts those people: it doesn’t trust Monsanto but it will trust a ‘friendly’ scientist. This is how it works and this is what they did in the case of the Séralini study. They put these messages into the mouths of scientists and experts, and also in articles appearing in magazines like Forbes; these were all to smear the study and to discredit the researchers.“

The right to information and the right to pratice independent scientific research was also a significant part of the Monsanto Tribunal. Nicolas Defarge, colleague of Prof Séralini gave his testimony at the tribunal during the session named “Pressure on Stakeholders and Institutions”

He stated: “I am a biologist, I have been working in the research group of Séralini for several years. We defended the study in front of the Supreme Court in France to say we are fighting against major companies. I have been listening to the evidence since yesterday and we do hear the damages across the world. We are often accused asscientisits, this is something worse than doping a professional, it’s so damaging for your career. Now people are talking about dishonesty and fraud. The court so far only decided in favour of us. So what’s the main point, the criticism of our study was spread throughout the media and the whole world and we can say we continue to publish in scientific journals, we have won all these scientific lawsuits, the outcomes wasn’t published as much as the negative media before that. If you go onto the internet the Seralini affair, you can see pages and pages of writing written by people paid by Monsanto. We were slandered, and that’s why we have to fight against it. there is a lot of pressure put on us. Many people say these papers cannot be published. […] Studies from Monsanto have not been published in any scientific magazines. In Roundup, for example, glyphosate it is not the only toxic that needs to be addressed, the other additives are more toxic and dangerous because there is a synergistic effect. Where is the truthful science here? […] We have three studies that shows there’s a connection between Glyphosate, Round Up and the counter effects. You can ask yourself what is the value of studies and examinations conducted by companies, when the question is so where is the truthful science?”

Nicolas DEFARGE (Seralini)_English from Monsanto Tribunal on Vimeo.




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