Open letter from Dr. Vandana Shiva at the Monsanto Tribunal/People’s Assembly

RE: Begin

Over the last century, the word “science” – rooted in Latin: scire (to know) – has had all meaning raided and stripped off it, leaving nothing – zero. The actual pursuit of knowledge has been replaced by silver-spoon-fed-shills parading as “defenders of science”.This “Data”-driven Zero-knowledge is being “hailed” as the solution, to all the very real problems faced by real people around the world. The problems caused by Zero-knowledge, Zero-science.

The Zero-science fraud has been perpetrated by the wealthy elite, to enslave each one of us, and having “admin” control over our economies (dialling in interest rates and exchange rates to adjust prices of everything, everywhere), to dictate who gets fed, and who goes hungry. The entire global economy is merely a giant “Vending Machine” to people. If you have the acceptable currency, you can get some packaged poison, or if the machine eats your money and refuses to dispense, you can call the “hotline”. Our inter-face to the machine, and therefore, the machine’s accountability, have been reduced to 5.5 inch GorillaGlass® Windows.

Farmers are shepherded to the market, where commodities agents (Cargill, PepsiCo, Nestle etc.) shrink the farmer’s earnings, by tilting the tables in their own favour, using fiscal muscle. Raw materials are procured without the responsibilities owed to employees. The commodities are processed, “ingredients” extracted, remixed according to patented algorithms with toxic colours, preservatives and “emulsifiers”; packaged, and shipped off to the furthest away Warehouse and back to the closest Walmart to “amplify” the trading numbers flashed across “Times Square”.

People’s access to the Trade economy is exactly the same as their access to thevending machine – in its modern “avatar” – iVend. The real economy, however, exists exclusively outside of iVend – it is where creativity flourishes, hands work, and minds are free from intellectual slavery. At this point, in our present, we must switch off the 3-D projection of The Market, we must remember that producers, workers, consumers and regulators are all outside of the de-regulated pirate vending machine. We must remember that the probability that we, as individuals – even if we have “friends” on the inside – are all squarely out of the infinite loop X-clusivity of Zero-science.

Zero-science is a “sustainable”, zero-shaped “business model”. It only sustains the empire, where patents feed technology, technology feeds research, and research feeds right back into existing patents. Costs for this model are zero as well, with all funding coming from the taxes extracted from the workers and consumers outside of iVend. There is Zero “spillover” of Intellectual Property, because the work, carried out on private property using patented equipment, remains the property of the master. Zero-spill IP also mandates that more effective, more efficient, more democratic technologies (including information and government) have to be destroyed, or pirated into the IP system. India, at the moment, is at the gates of the IP-IG Empire, ready to be swallowed whole, by the Zero-science of the Patent Cartel.

For the last century Zero-science has been the compass that has dictated the direction of the vector called “progress”, and therefore all “progress” has meant the “growth” of zeros in the accounts of the guilty. The entire Industry – automotive, container, shipping, piping, food, pharma, media and IT, share the same patent toting Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM).

“Innovation” now means “inventing” new language, to refresh the “tired” wheel before the old patent runs out, revolving in perpetuity, moving forward, in what has been established as the wrong direction. Ever faster.

We pledge, to the mountains of wisdom we stand atop, and the diverse possibilities of our collective futures, that the Patent Cartel will not be at the re-invented wheel of the bus to extinction any longer, they will be under it. The world will not be string-theoried along by the Geppettos above.

This is our “Stop!”, we are yanking the chain. We are getting off the patented vend-bus.

Each step we take back to our roots, guided by the soil under our feet, will bring us closer to harmony – with each other and nature.

We are here, present, and this is our time.

(The Hague, 15 October 2016)


  1. 100% agree, it is time to get off this train for sure. And I will not sanction any of their products anymore. One massive lie for profit. Unethical, immoral and deceitful.

  2. Hi my name is Melissa VerDuin from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m 47 years old,almost 48. I’ve been concerned for the health of the people, children of my state! I’m very proud to live in Michigan! But I feel Monsanto is in Debbie Stabenow’s back pocket! Our decision makers aren’t doing what’s in the best interest of the people, children,environment of our great state! We are sick of pesticides AND GMO’s ruining our health,land and water! We pay our taxes and they take our money and don’t do what We want!! Like we wanted GMO’s labeled,we want the lead and other chemicals OUT of our waters,we want ORGANIC NON GMO farms! My grandson has tumors in his head,and my sister in law,my neighbor died from tumors in his back,I’ve lost 5 family and friends in 5 years!! What’s going on here? I feel we are being poisoned right under our own eyes! I’m worried about my grandkids future, that’s one reason I’ve been doing research on our foods and waters! And it isn’t pretty! I’ve been going broke making donations to environmental groups and buying expensive non gmo organic food! I feel Monsanto should have to label their nasty seeds and foods! We should not have to GUESS what we’re putting into our children’s bodies!! Especially the sick ones! (Like in Flint with LEAD POISIN from their WATER!) Now if they’re feeding them poor children produce full of pesticides and GMO’s do you think they are going to get better? NO! And the drug companies are price hiking the important drugs these POOR CHILDREN NEED! It’s WRONG what our decision makers (Rick Snyder, Debbie Stabenow, Gary Peters) are putting us through! Is anyone listening out there? Where has our DEMOCRACY gone?? In the pockets of greedy politicians and corporate America! How do these people sleep at night? They’re aren’t FEEDING America! They are “slowly killing” us! They are making us sick! They are destroying our precious earth! They are contaminating our waters! (Monsanto /Bayer) Our government knows this! Why do they keep approving these monsters? The EPA, FDA, they stick up for them,not US! Please help US! It’s not fair to our children! I write letters,do reseach,donate,…while I’m working full time as a custodian at Grand Rapids Community College! I love my family and the great outdoors so it’s ALL worth it! But please help get Monsanto out of OUR great state of Michigan! I beg you! Thanks for your time! Sincerely, Melissa VerDuin 1119 Cora NW.49504-3056. 616 304 4307 or 616 458 7929.(home)

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