Peoples Assembly on Dow/Dupont Ecocide and Genocide – Rajkumar Keswani

People’s assembly on ecocide and genocide of Dow/DuPont Bhopal- Veteran journalist who predicted the disaster, Rajkumar Keswani speaks about the complicit working of the government and UCC. As told to Indra Shekhar Singh

“You must understand that the government authorities were hand in glove with the Carbide authorities. They were friends, they were partying together, they were traveling together, they had invested interest. So for them it was out of question to take any action against Carbide. I was suggested by Government officials that I was wasting my time, but they organized a meeting. They said my story was wrong, that there was no root in it and that they had checked, they had visited the place and according to them it had full proof security system.”

“I think the situation now is worse than what it was in 1984. Those who perished I would say were the lucky ones, because those who survived have gone through the bad times and have been suffering like hell and nothing has changed in more than 3 decades. As time passes by probably the government is hoping that people will forget, but those who are suffering, how can they forget?”

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Read how Rajkumar Keswani predicted the disaster, The Bhopal Marathon report by the Bhopal Medical Appeal in the UK.

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