Vandana Shiva: we have to stop CETA and Free Trade Agreements

Dr. Vandana Shiva’s declaration about CETA and free trade agreements

“Free Trade agreements, beginning with the one written by East India Company to colonise India are instruments of slavery, of destruction of people’s freedoms and sovereignty. WTO agreement on TRIPS to try and patent life was written by Monsanto, Agriculture Agreement was written by Cargill. Two or three giant corporations get together to write rules to take over our national and local economies, destroy our democracies. CETA, TTIP, TTIP and other new free trade agreements with their ISDS clauses are clear attempts to destroy what remains of our fragile democracies and fragile economies. That is why we must stop them  Wallonia has shown the way  Diversity, decentralisation, democracy work for people. Monocultures, centralisation, dictatorship serve corporate interests. It is time to reclaim oUr freedoms from corporate rule imposed through “Free Trade” Agreements”.

Vandana Shiva, president Navdanya

Go to the full coverage of CETA agreement and to the People’s Assemby workshop in The Hague “Attack on Democracy”:

CETA: Democracy Trumps Corporate Lobbying



  1. Fascinating, great to hear this when so much is being spouted in favour of supporting these giant industries who seem to have us all enslaved. Thankyou for this.

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