Dr Vandana Shiva’s closing speech at the People’s Assembly

Sowing the Seeds of Earth Democracy

VS: “Long ago I asked peasants “how do you decide which plant will grow with which plant in mixed farming?”; this 80 year-old peasant in West Bengal said to me: “The plants tell us! The plants speak to us!”. Now, that may seem a bit strange but there was a physicist called Bose in India who wrote the Bose-Einstein theory – with Einstein! He did experiments on plant communication. The way plants repel pests is by sending out communication signals – they have that intelligence! And it’s that intelligence that the stupidity of a violent, crude system of making poisons could never understand. Just as they silenced the voices of people in the concentration camps. They could never hear the voice of the Bee. The bee has spoken, the soils have spoken this morning. And that verdict is clear: there is no place for poisons in our food!”.

“What do we say to Basta, which is a close cousin of Roundup made by Bayer? It does the same work – kills plants. Right now in india we are fighting  Bayer’s GMO mustard, Bayer’s tyranny. So we ask: “If your food is so good, why can’t you label it? If your treaties on free trade are so good, why do you have to negotiate them in secret? If your ingredients make life better for us, why do you hide? If, Bayer, your GM mustard with mustard resistance is so good, why do you have to hide? Why does the one per cent who owns all this corporations in their names – or the people who secretly own the Vanguards or  who own the Bayers and the Monsantos – why do they have to hide?” If you have to hide, you already know that you are criminals”.

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