Dr Vandana Shiva’s message for the Monsanto Tribunal’s advisory legal opinion release

Today on the 18th April 2017 the opinion from the jury of the Monsanto tribunal is being announced on a historic day. It is on this day 100 years ago Gandhi started the Champaran Satyagraha by telling the British empire that he could not obey their brutal laws because he had to obey the higher law of life, justice and his conscience.

In Gandhi’s spirit we follow the higher law of the earth, of our common humanity, of justice, peace and sustainability

Through the Monsanto Tribunal and 1000s of Peoples Assemblies we are telling Monsanto Bayer and the Poison Cartel that we will end their century of ecocide and genocide, their corporate rule over our agriculture and food, and establish Earth Democracy, following through seed freedom and food freedom.

Vandana Shiva, From Bihar, Mothihari from the Satyagraha Yatra 18.4.17

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Video of of Monsanto Tribunal advisory legal opinion release, from The Hague HERE

Read Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly Report HERE

With multinationals closing ranks through mergers to become bigger and more powerful, the civil society movements at the Monsanto Tribunal & People’s Assembly in The Hague have committed to joining forces to reclaim people’s rights to healthy food and a healthy and safe environment. This global mobilization is now continuing and movements across the world are converging in a new unity across diversity to end a century of ecocide and genocide. Learn more: Navdanya Call to Action against the Corporate Takeover of our Food and Health

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Satyagraha Yatra 2017, a pilgrimage for Seed Freedom and Food Freedom

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