People’s Assembly in Rome, Italy

Getting close to the Monsanto Tribunal and the People’ s Assembly, the 2nd of October S.CU.P.“Popular Sport and Culture” center hosted one of the first People’ s Assembly in Rome. S.CU.P is a social center which supports the action against Monsanto, and the systems based on pesticides, glyphosate and GMOs, as they believe in an economy that take care of the territories and local communities. During the assembly there was the introduction by Marco Pieja from S.CU.P., followed by the speech of Ruchi Shroff coordinator of Navdanya International, Monica De Sisto vice-president of “Fairwatch” and spokeperson of Stop TTIP Campaign in Italy, Lucy Greyl from “A Sud” association and Maura Crudeli president of the Italian Association of Asbestos-Exposed (A.I.E.A.) spoke about the crimes of ecocide caused by agricultural system run by multinational corporations such as Monsanto. A great event attended by social movements and citizens who came together to be part of the alternative to the agribusiness system.


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