Bhoomi 2016 – Healing the Planet, Heailng Our Body

Bhoomi 2016 was held on October 1st at India International Centre in New Delhi. This year’s theme was: Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Body.

Spanning a range of activities comprising panel discussions, dialogue, film screening, theatre and music to heal the mind as well as a wholesome dinner, Bhoomi 2016 has allowed the audience to catch a glimpse of the poison free world we are creating.  And the transformation starts with what we eat, with all of us being mindful of the provenance of our plate.

The event, jointly organised by Navdanya, India International Centre, the Institut Français India in the framework of “The Other Thought,” and SOL, did focus on how to reverse the harms inflicted upon Mother Earth by a self-seeking industry through the healing practices of Agro-ecology, cultivating and eating wholesome, living foods.

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